Capxon International Electronic Co.

CapXon Group is the leading Aluminum Electrolytic manufacturer in the industry with the ability to vertically integrate aluminum electrolytic capacitors with anode aluminum foils.
CapXon has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and selling capacitors, along with a firm base of customers. Since going public in Hong Kong in 2007, CapXon have about 2300 employees and annual revenue of about 1 billion CNY.
CapXon products are widely applied in consumer electronics, industrial control systems, renewable energy facilities, automation, medical services, vehicles, lighting, air conditioners, communication, smart devices and other fields. Currently, our main focuses of development are markets such as photovoltaic & wind energy inverters, electronic vehicles, vehicle charging stations, and others.
CapXon has introduced the AEC-Q200 protocols of the car industry and obtained recognition such as ISO/TS16949.

CapXon Products include.

Aluminum Electrolytic & Polymer Capacitors
SMD Caps Conductive Polymer Ultra Miniature Type Standard Type
Low Impedance High Reliability Non / Bi Polarized Audio Series
Screw Large Can Large Can Type Invertor AC Photo Flash

Our Mission

To understand the requirements of our Stakeholders and derive a path to achieve them using right tools and processes. To establish a culture of continuous improvements in the working methods & deliverable.

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