Connect One Ltd.

Connect One™ is a leading fabless semiconductor company that provides value-added solutions for connecting devices to the Internet and other IP-based networks. Connect One field-proven embedded chips, embedded device servers, and external serial device servers enable manufacturers of any kind of non-PC device to easily, quickly and cost-effectively add IP connectivity to new and existing devices.
Focused on the high growth Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity markets, connect One provides choice of chips, embedded servers and external servers to enable secure IP connectivity solutions.
Connect One TCP/IP connectivity chips and serial device servers are deployed around the globe, across thousands of ISPs, wireless carriers and telephone networks. Our customer base includes some of the world’s leading manufacturers of POS terminals, embedded modems, automated teller machines (ATMs), home care medical equipment and fleet management terminals, as well as hundreds of customers in industries such as telemedicine, building automation, process control, security, and power monitoring.

Connect One Products Includes.

Connectivity Modules
Secure Embedded Wireless LAN Module Wireless LAN Module with USB Interface & Linux & Windows Drivers Secure Serial to Wireless LAN Module Secure Embedded Ethernet Module
Surface Mount WiFi Modules Wifi Modules with Multiple Sensors Secure WiFi Arduino Module Serial to Wireless LAN Box

Our Mission

To understand the requirements of our Stakeholders and derive a path to achieve them using right tools and processes. To establish a culture of continuous improvements in the working methods & deliverable.

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