Epson Electronic Devices

Epson’s electronic devices business comprises the quartz device business, and the semiconductor business, which also includes high-temperature polysilicon TFT for projectors.
Epson does not concentrate only on the individual electronic device, but strives to link it with the end product, bringing to bear the technologies best suited to the task. In this way, Epson meets consumer demands through systemization and modularization.
Epson will contribute to the development of smart communications, power, transportation and manufacturing systems with advanced and original quartz timing and sensing solutions and low-power semiconductor solutions.
Epson uses its original QMEMS® technology in its crystal devices used in consumer products such as smartphones, as well as in infrastructure and automotive applications that require exceptional accuracy and reliability.

Epson Electronic Devices Products include.

Quartz Devices
Crystal Oscillators Crystal Units Real Time Clocks TCXO
VCSO OCXO VCXO Auto Grade Devices
LCD Controllers Voice Synthesis Microcontrollers ASIC’s
Sensing Systems
Gyro Sensors IMU Accelerometer

Our Mission

To understand the requirements of our Stakeholders and derive a path to achieve them using right tools and processes. To establish a culture of continuous improvements in the working methods & deliverable.

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