IXYS Corporation

Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, and Leiden, Netherlands, IXYS has gained a worldwide reputation as a premier power semiconductor manufacturer. Its diversified product base of specialized power semiconductors, integrated circuits and RF power is utilized by more than 2500 customers worldwide, ranging across industrial, transportation, telecommunications, computer, medical, consumer and clean tech markets. Learn more about IXYS’ 30-year history, its founder Dr. Nathan Zommer, its divisions and current growth.

IXYS IC Products Include

Power Devices
Discrete MOSFETs MOSFET Modules Discrete IGBT’s IGBT Modules
Fast Recovery Diodes – Discretes & Modules Schottky Diodes Recitifier Diodes , Bridges , PFC Thyristor Discretes
Diodes & Thyristor Modules DCB Substrates & Dies HV Current Regulators Switches
SMPD Protection Devices Silicon Carbide Press Pack IGBT
RF Mosfet
RF Amplifiers RF Mosfets Hybrid Modules RF Drivers
Systems , Stack Assemblies
LASER Diode Drivers Motor Control Pulsed Power Power Stacks
Solid State Relays / Semiconductor Relays
Form A Relays Form B Relays Power Relays Current Limited SSR
AC Power Switches Line Card Access Switch Optically Isolated Gate Drivers High Voltage Analog Switches
High Speed Digital Opto Isolators & Opto Couplors
Digital Optical Isolators Linear Optocouplers Isolation Amplifiers Error Amplifiers
High Speed Devices & Power Products
High Voltage Analog Switches High Voltage Gate Drivers High Voltage LED Drivers AC Power Switches
Diode Bridges Automotive Gate Drivers MOSFET Gate Drivers High Current Gate Drivers
Telecom Products
Silicon DAA Voice Band Codec DC Termination IC’s Line Sense Relays
Hall Effect Switches High Voltage LED Drivers High Voltage Programable Capacitors ePaper Source & Gate Drivers
Solar Cells Solar Panel on a Chip Solar Handheld Products

Our Mission

To understand the requirements of our Stakeholders and derive a path to achieve them using right tools and processes. To establish a culture of continuous improvements in the working methods & deliverable.

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